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I have always felt a need and passion towards combining my skills as a hair stylist, colourist and wig maker into a means of making women feel stunning and confident with minimal effort.  My wig designs tell a story of women who have an aura of confidence, empowerment, self love and beautification, and I intend to bring that out of everyone who wears an Avasi wig. 
We have all felt frustrated in how we depict ourselves. As women in this day and age, not only has the pressures of keeping up with societies idea of beauty become strenuous, but the time and money it takes to make ourselves feel beautiful also is hard to find. I can tell you as a hair dresser, all my clients were in search of something quick and easy to fulfil their hair needs. Every 6 to 8 weeks in the salon from anywhere between 2 to 6 hours sitting in that same chair, and paying hundreds of dollars for a colour that was going to begin to fade and grow out in 2 weeks was not cutting it anymore. How do most of us between our busy schedules and lives even find time for these luxuries anymore? How can we justify paying such high salon prices amongst all our other bills? And then there's the expensive hair products that are mandatory to use in order to maintain hair colour. Not only that, but as a hair dresser, where was the time to have my own hair done? And when I would have my hair colour done, my fine hair would suffer from colour damage. I needed a solution for my hair that wasn't expensive and time consuming yet effortless, kept my hair healthy and, most importantly, made me feel beautiful. So that's when my wig journey began...
My mission is to offer silky soft virgin hair that is ventilated into a seamless looking full lace wig and then hand lightened, coloured, cut and styled my me, a salon professional, using the finest exclusive salon brands.
You can say goodbye to pricy salon costs and lengthy wait times. You can mend your damaged hair and give your hair a rest. No more colour bookings, no more budgeting for that 6 to 8 week colour maintenance. You can afford to spend less time on your hair and feel more empowered and beautiful than before.
All the work is literally done for you. 
So let me introduce you to Avasi Hair.
With love,
Alisha Avasi xx