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Under the Australian Consumer Law, if a product fails to meet a consumer guarantee, you have the right to ask for a replacement, repair, or refund. The remedy you are entitled to will depend on whether the issue is major or minor. 

We understand that Avasi products are coloured and cut professionally on our location by qualified hair dressers, creating our product to be on the higher end of the cost spectrum, so if something is wrong with our product even though it goes through a strenuous amount of revision before being placed up for purchase, you are entitled to the current Australian Consumer Law. This is under the provision that the wig and/or Avasi products are still in their correct packaging, and the Avasi products have not been adjusted or altered in any way e.g. An Avasi wig that has had its' lace cut off will be void for a repair, refund or replacement, as the product needs to be in its' original state. Please note that ALL WIGS are weighed, measured and photographed before being sent out to insure an understanding that the correct wig specifications have been met. Please choose your wig carefully as we do not provide a remedy for change of mind as the responsibility of choosing the correct wig specifications lies on the purchaser. We recommend taking your time in doing so.  

Our guidelines for a repair, replacement or refund are as follows:
1) Due to the nature of the product being purchased, please notify us within 14 days once the product has been delivered to you to check and alert us if there are any discrepancies in the product.

2) If a discrepancy has been identified, send us your Avasi product in its' original packaging and original form via registered post. If the postal service is not registered and does not make it to us, we are no longer liable for it, and the entitled remedy of a repair, refund or replacement then becomes void as we need the product. If you have chosen registered post, please forward us the receipt and the tracking number, as we will reimburse your shipping cost once it has been sent to us. 

3) If you are after a replacement product, and the certain product is not in stock, you have the choice of waiting until it is back in stock to be sent out to you, we will refund you.


Our guidelines DO NOT cover the following:
1) After 14 days of receiving the product. We give you this time to check your purchase thoroughly as the product is 100% human hair and needs to be sent back to us in a sufficient amount of time for hygiene purposes. This is void if the wig has been altered or worn.  

2) If you have altered or worn the product(s) purchased, you will not be offered a replacement, refund or repair as the product is not in its' original state and/or for hygiene purposes. Once you have also altered or worn your product, it is in your control and care. We are not liable or responsible for this.

3) Due to computer screen and phone screen resolutions differing, as well as our colours, cuts and styling taking place on premises by qualified hair dressers, advertised photos and custom colour products may differ. Our colours, cuts and styling guidelines of the wigs and products are all documented to keep our products as same as possible. We are not liable for a slight differentiation as everything is hand coloured, cut and styled, and for your computer/phone resolutions differentiation in the actual colour of the hair.

4) We DO NOT refund, repair or replace due to a change of mind. Please choose your wig carefully, and consult our representatives if you are unsure of the product you'd like to purchase. We also measure, photograph and weigh our wigs before they are sent and document this to provide proof of accuracy. Please choose your thickness and length carefully as we do not refund or replace for change of mind due to mistaken product identifications.  

5) If you are unsure of your wig cap size, please contact us before purchasing your wig, or follow our sizing chart carefully, as we do not offer a refund or repair for this. If the correct wig size is available, we will allow an exchange of the same wig if notified before the 3 day return period. We will not compensate any further shipping costs, as this needs to be paid by the client, and we may charge a restocking fee if applicable. 

6) Due to the special make and requirements of custom orders, they are non-refundable or exchangable due to change of mind or mistaken wig size identification by the consumer. We send you pictures of your custom order before it is sent to you so you are able to approve the colour. If you identify a mishap with your wig, do not alter the wig in anyway otherwise you have voided a repair, return or refund. 

Shipping & Handling:
In most cases, we are able to send out our products before 15 business days of the original purchase date but we will e-mail you notifying you of this. All shipping and handling is via registered post, either standard or express. We provide you with a tracking number via e-mail once your Avasi product has been sent out.

Contact us at: - Please note that response times may vary between 3-5 days.