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Your Complete Guide to Your Avasi

What to expect when you receive your Avasi Wig:

Your Avasi Wig is delivered to you equipped with the following items:

1 x Custom designed Avasi box with a magnetic lid.
1 x Silk Avasi Pouch with your wig enclosed in it.
1 x Avasi Hair Care Guide.
1 x Wig Cap to wear over you hair for a flat base, underneath your wig.  


The interior of your Avasi Full lace Wig:



The front right and left interior of your Avasi full lace wig contains 2 snap back clips at the top of the wig, and also contains the area in which your adjustable and removable 3 tiered elastic band is securely sewn into.



The back interior of your Avasi full lace wig contains 3 snap back clips situated equally around the nape. Also included at the nape of your Avasi wig are adjustable hooks. These are used to tighten the back of your wig by interlocking the hooks across each other in an 'x' formation into the rectangular openings located between each hook. If you're finding that the back of your Avasi wig is too big, using this method correctly will tighten your wig for a snug fit.



Your adjustable and removable elastic band is the main aspect of your wig that will give you a secure and snug hold when wearing your Avasi. It includes 3 tiers of tightness for the ultimate fit.


Your adjustable elastic band is removable, so if your preference is to wear your wig with glue, sewn in, or without the adjustable elastic band, than it is easily removed without the need to cut or unpick the band. If you choose to wear your wig with your adjustable elastic band after removing it from your wig, it is easily and effortless able to be re-hooked back into your wig.